Thursday, June 25, 2009

What We Have Been Up To

It's been a busy time ever since we moved here. We are getting more settled in but I still feel very behind in things, like blogging:) We have had 2 youth group meetings at our house now which we love and are having a great time getting to know the kids. I have been to the lake 4 times now and we love having such a beautiful lake so close by. Andrew has joined the church softball team and I am sure he will hit me a home run some time soon. Andrew also got to preach in church for the first time last Sunday and was excited to be given that opportunity. My mom was up here for a few days and we took on the big project of painting our kitchen table. We had a harder time with it than we thought but we will now have great memories as we can laugh about all the drama that one table could bring. Tomorrow we head off for our church's family camp up in Oregon. We are excited to go try to be campers and to get to know our church family better.
Here are some pictures from the lake for you all to see why you need to come visit us!


Debra said...

Fun pictures!! That did it for me Kim. I'm gonna have to make a visit with Kyle, Steph and Suzie some time and hit the lake. Love being out on a boat! Glad you guys are doing well!

The Skifter's said...

Floating-here I come!

Rick Wahler said...

Wow. Green. Water. House. Backyard.

For that you left brown, dry, apartment, no yard. What blessings!

And jumping right into ministry.

So happy for you both!

Matthew said...

I miss you guys so much, Kim. Thanks for updating your blog and the lake looks so nice and relaxing.:) Did you have a good visit with Jen and Aaron? Have a great time at Family camp with your church. How fun!!
Ashley Mehringer