Friday, May 15, 2009

Our New Place

Thank you everyone for praying for us to find a place up in Redding. The Lord was gracious and provided a place that we are very excited about. The trip had its ups and downs but as you can see Andrew was always able to make me laugh. This is the new house. It is a duplex and we are on the left side.
Us in our new place.

This is where you will come to visit us!

We are so happy to have that all squared away now let the packing begin!


kelly said...

it's cute! i can't wait to come visit! :)

Rick Wahler said...

House looks spectacular. You look great! Andrew looks like a goof in that last pic. What happened to him after graduation?

Scott and Val said...

Movin' on up!!! ;-)

Cherie said...

Very nice, Kim! I know these are exciting days for you.