Sunday, March 30, 2008

Isaiah's First Big Fall

As an aunt I am sure I am way too protective at times so when Isaiah (my sister's son) had his first big fall this weekend while he was at a wedding with all the family, it was a night we will never forget. He was doing what all kids love to do, especially at our church, run on this ledge by the fountain. He ended up falling right on his mouth and my sister (Angie), my brother-in-law (Dave), my neice (Emmie), my mom (Sandy), and Andrew all headed to the ER. After several hours and a few stitches he was good to go. Isaiah is such a kind and sweet boy that as soon as he was stitched up and had some medicine he was even happy to take a picture. All he was concerned about at the end of the ER visit was that he wanted a treat because he missed the cake at the wedding. He enjoyed an In-n-Out milkshake which I think was well deserved.
He tried to smile, but the fat lip made it a little hard.

Emmie waiting for her big brother.


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oh my! He DOES look like Elvis!

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